Individual/Personal Support

The Personal Support Program provides additional support for people whose needs cannot be sufficiently met by the Emergency Relief program. For more complex problems our Financial Support Officers and Financial Capability Coach may be able to help.

What does the program offer?

A support worker will take the time to talk to you about your situation and help you to set priorities. The program offers:

Skilled Support

The opportunity to work in partnership with a skilled volunteer

Help with applications

Help with applications for housing, legal, transport, health and education services

Financial Support

Support with financial issues such as utility payments and school relief funding.


Advocacy is supporting clients through difficulties

Supports and Services

Information about the supports and services that may be available in the local area

Supported referrals

Supported referrals to help make connections to community supports such as local interest groups, community houses and other organisations

This program is targeted to people who:

  • Vulnerable clients with a disability or clients experiencing crisis
  • Are on a low income
  • Have complex issues beyond the capacity of our Emergency Relief program
  • Feel they would benefit from working cooperatively with a Financial Support Officer or Financial Capability Coach

What are the eligibility requirements?

  • Vulnerable clients on a low income
  • Clients who present in crisis
  • Clients who would benefit from Financial Capability Support

Please note: Requests for additional assistance beyond the limits will be considered but are to be made to the Emergency Relief Manager.
Your interviewer can assist with your application

Referrals, Advocacy and Negotiation

This may include:

  • Referrals to other local agencies for food vouchers and material support
  • Referrals to services that can help with complex problems
  • Negotiation with essential service providers such as utility companies
  • Advocacy, where a person has requested that our staff speak to a service or agency on their behalf (ie, ATO, Centrelink, Utility provider)


All information is confidential and accessed only by volunteers and staff within the agency. Information can only be passed on to third parties with client’s signed permission.

All files are securely stored and will be securely destroyed seven years after the date of a customer’s last file note.

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